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The following information concerns the Sales Rep position we currently have available.

Our company is The Employee Testing Center. Our testing service helps business owners make MUCH better hiring decisions.

Many business owners know they waste a ton of time and money hiring people who don’t work out.

Watch this three minute video to see what our testing service can do.

We have a very simple marketing and sales strategy. We have the business owner take the free test. They see for themselves how accurate it is. They are often amazed at how accurate it is.

We will train you to go over the business owner’s free test. You will be pleasantly surprised how easy this is. The training will take about an hour. I am not kidding.

We charge $95 for a set of three tests per applicant. The test described in the video above is a personality test. We also deliver an IQ and Aptitude test.

This is a commission only position. Sales Reps are paid $30 on all tests. This includes customer’s initial purchase of tests and all further tests. The vast majority of our clients continue to use our service when they need to hire someone.  As long as you are working with us, you will be paid on all tests purchased by your customers. It is not unusual for a client to test several people before making a hiring decision.

The type of lead you will be provided with is someone who has already taken the free test and is looking forward to getting his/her test results done. These are hot leads.

We know that the area of hiring and keeping good staff is a huge ruin area for many business owners. Our sales patter will help you get the business owner closed to use our testing service. We will train you on this patter as well as doing the free test evaluation.

If you’re nervous about this type of pay arrangement, please do not apply. We are looking for people who enjoy this kind of sales environment and have the push and the drive to make this work.

To discuss further, use this contact form to reach me. Please include your phone number and a good time to call on the contact form.

Tom Clapp
Employee Testing Center