Improving Ethics in the Workplace

Havng ethical, trustworthy and dependable employees is essential to business success.

The Way to Happiness™ booklet is a tool that can move you in that direction. It is a simple, straightforward guide to making good choices. And since the choices of others affect all of us, this booklet goes a long way toward creating an environment that is easy to live and work in.

On the right side of this page are facts about the broad use of The Way to Happiness booklet around the world.

You will also see testimonials from people who have successfully used the booklet to improve life in the workplace. Staff that get along better tend to be more productive.

Here is the sequence of actions to take to improve honesty, integrity and competence in your workplace:

  1. Order The Way to Happiness booklets from The Way to Happiness Foundation (available in 90 languages). While at their web site, be sure to order the free DVD and Information Kit.
  2. Once you have received The Way to Happiness booklets, pass them out to your employees.
  3. Include the booklet in employee orientation materials for new staff.
  4. If you have supervisors or managerial staff, have them read and apply it to the staff in their areas.
  5. Place additional copies of the booklet in lunch rooms and/or employee lounges. Employees appreciate easy access to extra copies for family and friends.
  6. Play The Way to Happiness public service announcements in employee lounges and lunchrooms. These are on the DVD you requested in Step 1.
  7. Adopt The Way to Happiness as part of your company’s Code of Ethics. Include a company directive to this effect.
  8. Inform the employees of the company at a staff meeting that they can participate in a monthly awards program based on the principles of The Way to Happiness. To qualify for the award, they need to read the book and apply it.
  9. Choose a principle from The Way to Happiness that the employee award will be based on that month, such as “Be Competent.”
  10. Choose the employee who best demonstrated that principle during that month and let that person’s manager know that his employee will be presented with the award.
  11. Inform the staff of the time, date and location that the award will be given to the employee. Get a certificate or plaque made up with The Way to Happiness principle that applies. Hold your award presentation and give the employee a hardcover edition of The Way to Happiness as well. Display the award in a prominent place where both staff and your customers can see it. This will create goodwill for the company both internally with employees and externally with customers. Get feedback from the staff.

We’d love to hear the results and any additional suggestions. If you have any questions or need assistance, e-mail us at or call us at 888-600-6095.
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