Are you looking to start a new business? Perhaps even on a part time basis?

A business that is on purpose and can provide a growing income?

Give this a read and see if this if for you.

The Employee Testing Center provides employee testing services to the business community.

One of the biggest ruins in the business world is hiring the right people. When the "wrong people" are hired, the company experiences lost time, lost revenue and lowered staff morale. We provide an on source solution that our clients love.

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We've been in business for eight years and we are now looking to open up offices around the U.S.

We are looking for people who want to create a growing business for themselves AND who can run good control.You can operate this business from your home, and it can initially be done part time while you are growing the business.

If you are interested, call Stan Dubin at 727-447-4500.