Message From Stan Dubin

From what I understand, you work with other business owners. If this is the case, I appreciate you reading this.

If I listened to the online marketing experts, what I'm doing right now is completely wrong. Before I consider asking someone to do business with me, I should create great content, I should engage, and I should work on establishing a relationship. 

Well, I've gone that route and of course that works. But you've probably witnessed the same thing I have:

An enormous explosion of products and services being sold online, with more coming online every day. 

So, I'm changing my approach and I'm just going to tell you what I do and ask you to consider a simple business proposal. If it makes sense to you, I'm pretty sure we'll figure out how to have a decent relationship. 

I help business owners solve a problem that many of them have: how to hire the right people. 

I've written 180 articles on hiring; delivered over 160 podcast shows on hiring; and earlier this year published the book: "How To Hire The Right People."​

In addition to the tips and podcast shows, our company's service directly helps business owners make better hiring decisions. The three-minute video below explains how we do this.

If the video makes sense to you​, click the link below the video and take the complimentary test. I'll call and go over the test results with you. They will be your test results, so you will see firsthand how accurate the test is and how we are able to help companies hire the right people. 

Business owners do not enjoy wasting time and money on people that just don't work out for them. Or worse, actually harm their business. 

If you agree our service can help the business owners you are in contact with, the business offer is simple: We will exchange a portion of the revenue that comes in from every client you refer.

Click the play button below and I look forward to speaking with you.

Employee Test