How To Hire The Right People

Hiring people who are competent, who treat your customers well, who show a bit of loyalty and hang in there with you—well, you know what this can do for your business.

I'm Stan Dubin, ​and I've been helping companies hire better staff for the last nine years. After writing 170 articles and delivering 150 podcast shows on hiring, I put my best material into a very readable book.

It is now published and ready to help you hire the right people!

Let's take a look at what's in the book:​

  • Have you interviewed someone and later discovered this person was NOT the person you interviewed? The book delivers over thirty ways to help you with this.
  • ​How much should you rely on the résumé?
  • Which is more important: skills or attitude?​
  • ​What if someone you’re interviewing rubs you the wrong way…but you think they’ll do a good job?
  • Hiring the right salesperson can make or break a business. We devote six chapters to help you get it right!​
  • These and many other subjects are covered.

I mentioned earlier that the book is "very readable." It absolutely is. There are 65 tips, each 2-3 pages long. And EACH tip is capable of improving your ability to hire!

I'm not telling you anything new — hiring the right people is vital to the success of every business.​

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All of them are the same price: $9.99.

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